Growers Trust

Growers Trust Sample

As a renowned leader in organic agriculture today, Growers Trust opened its door to provide safe, natural, and organic products to hydroponic and outdoor gardens throughout the United States.  Unfortunately, the company struggled with their marketing strategy. Seeking a method to boost sales while expressing the superiority of their product lines compared to competitors, Growers Trust looked to CTC Solutions to outline an inbound marketing strategy while showcasing their product lines effectively.

Through keyword research, CTC Solutions was able to formulate a customized approach to targeting specific audiences with appropriate content. Growers Trust’s offerings spread across a number of industries. Therefore, it was critical to develop quality content which was heavily researched and well formulated. Organic agriculture calls for high-level posts that tackle the different methods of using their product lines, particular industries that can benefit from these product lines, and language that encourages action and sales.

CTC Solutions crafted a content development plan that addressed each relevant industry on an individual basis. Expressing how each product line would benefit these particular industries differently worked to benefit Growers Trust’s website in many capacities. The site now serves as a platform for relevant, useful information in the hydroponic and outdoor gardening space. In addition, the on-page content is easily accessible from a Google search for applicable product offerings.

Growers Trust has seen a significant increase in site traffic and, more importantly, sales since the site’s launch. Building upon the web content with a prominent blog has helped to garner a following in the organic growing industry. As like-minded individuals look to Growers Trust as an information hub, site traffic increases, the website’s authority builds, and more sales are fostered through high-quality content. With the help of CTC Solutions, Growers Trust has benefited from a significant boost in web presence.