Unity Recovery Group


Building a brand is no easy task and expressing such brand becomes even more complex. When it comes to building web content for a particular company, CTC Solutions takes an approach of showcasing product offerings and services while targeting specific audiences through SEO tactics. Tackling a brand, however, calls for a different strategy. As an overarching brand with multiple companies under its umbrella, Unity Recovery Group was seeking a solution to express their brand story while delivering a specific value to a particular audience.

Unity Recovery Group called upon CTC Solutions to showcase their brand in a positive light while referencing the companies under its umbrella to attract new business. As a large organization with many moving parts, CTC Solutions works with Unity Recovery Group as a marketing consultancy. Handling projects of all scopes, Unity Recovery Group benefits from the dynamic and responsive nature of CTC Solutions’ services. From event coordination to print advertising to online marketing, Unity Recovery Group tasks CTC Solutions with a vast set of responsibilities.

Building a buzz around Unity Recovery Group through content creation, brand building, and targeted marketing, CTC Solutions is able to maintain the integrity of the company through its advertising efforts. CTC Solutions focuses on the ability to capture the light of Unity Recovery Group’s offerings and present it strategically to their targeted audiences. Maintaining Unity Recovery Group’s prowess and leadership in the addiction recovery field is imperative. With the guidance from CTC Solutions, Unity Recovery Group’s brand is displayed clearly, effectively, and prominently on a national scale.