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At CTC Solutions, we take a customized approach to building every online marketing strategy. Combining the client’s internal objectives with our industry expertise, we are able to target specific audiences with quality content and researched SEO tactics to trump market competition. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to exploit the client’s value proposition through smart content creation. On a consultancy basis, CTC Solutions works with our clientele to outline a tailored marketing plan that meets their particular needs and pulls upon our strategic solutions to fulfill their marketing objectives. By carefully tracking each metric, we provide monthly reports to showcase the value of each marketing solution.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Creative, effective search engine optimization lies at the heart of everything done at CTC Solutions. In today’s world, content marketing and SEO lay the foundation for success in the online space. When a potential customer is interested in purchasing a product or service, their first step is to conduct a Google search. As such, building a strategic SEO program ensures that a website is optimized appropriately in order to promote a powerful online presence. Top ranking websites listed in organic search results demonstrate which sites are useful, authoritative, and provide value to the end user. Therefore, SEO is imperative to the overall marketing plan of any organization.

Web Content & Content Marketing

Successful online presence begins with a company’s website. Serving as today’s front door, web content must be composed with strategy, creativity, and an ability to communicate a value proposition efficiently. CTC Solutions works with our clients in order to build custom content that showcases their products and/or services. As the most important SEO factor, quality content is paramount to a website’s ability to rank on a Google search and, more importantly, outrank competition.

Paid Search Advertising

Pairing quality, optimized web content with a paid search advertising strategy creates the perfect marketing storm. As online competition for keywords continues to skyrocket, the ability to convert clicks from both a paid and non-paid platform is imperative. CTC Solutions understands that each individual has a unique way of perusing the internet and navigating search results from Google or Bing/Yahoo!. As such, being present on both ends of the SEO spectrum provides the opportunity to improve lead generation as well as conversion rates.


Regular blogging is an excellent way to stay connected with current customers while fostering relationships with new prospects. Beyond brand and relationship building, blogging plays an enormous role in SEO and a website ranking. At CTC Solutions, we are blogging experts. Starting with research, we strive to continually build blogs that offer relevant, useful information to prospective clients, like-minded businesses, and industry experts.

Email Marketing

Remaining top-of-mind is central to keeping to maintaining a strong customer base. Utilizing email marketing to regularly communicate with clients and prospective clients is a critical step in brand building. From newsletters that update your clients on what is going on under your roof to emails that influence a specific action, CTC Solutions works with our client to create a tactical email marketing schedule that breeds real results.

Press Releases

Press releases offer an excellent way to express a company’s offerings, brand story, internal updates while gaining visibility and increasing traffic to their website. Properly constructed press releases not only encourage action, but a platform to connect prospective clients to a business on a personal level. CTC Solutions creates press releases that achieve our clients goals while showcasing their offerings and delivering great value.

Content Collateral

Whether content collateral lies in white papers, a sales brochure, or even a postcard, a business must offer prospective clients a way to understand their value and how this value will align with their prospect’s needs. CTC Solutions is able to build a company’s collateral to express a singular brand voice while marketing their offerings in a professional manner.


Preparing an e-book is a simple way to add value to your organization. When it comes to building online prowess, becoming an industry expert is imperative. Offering an e-book to an interested prospect is not only an excellent marketing tool, but it will solidify your business as thought-leader in your industry and thus create a competitive advantage. At CTC Solutions, we specialize in writing e-books that make a true impact.

Case Studies

Composing a case study is a phenomenal way to express your company’s talents by telling a story. By showcasing how a problem was transformed into a solution will help to bring clients through the door. CTC Solutions creates case studies that communicate a company’s approach in a creative, interesting style that resonates with the prospect.

Business Plan Creation

With vast experience working with startup companies, CTC Solutions offers business plan creation. The intricacies of writing a business plan are often one of the greatest hurdles that an entrepreneur must overcome. At CTC Solutions, we are able to take your idea and transform it into a working business plan that attracts investors and serves as a roadmap for your future success.