Bill Bone Bike Law

Bill Bone Bike Law Sample

Bill Bone Bike Law was opened to place greater focus on providing legal help and advice to the cycling community in South Florida. A division of Larmoyeux & Bone, Bill Bone Bike Law serves to not only represent those cyclists who have suffered injuries in an accident, but to also educate the entire region regarding bike safety and the importance of sharing the road. As a new division of the firm and an entirely new concept in the legal field, Bill Bone Bike Law called upon CTC Solutions to build the content for the website.

Serving as a legal platform and a resource center, communicating information, advice, and a true voice for those who travel on two wheels was imperative. CTC Solutions took on this project with a concentration on creating content that forces action, motivates, inspires, and keeps visitors coming back time and time again. To reflect the passion of Bill Bone, the firm’s lead man and trial lawyer, it was important to compose content that represented his longtime devotion to cycling and to protecting the rights of all cyclists.

With that said, the content was also composed with a deep focus on SEO principles. While moving content is certainly important, each page and blog post is written to reflect targeted keywords. These keywords serve to boost Bill Bone Bike Law’s web presence in the search rankings. Combining compelling language with SEO elements makes for a powerful website that not only ranks, but sparks conversations between like-minded individuals in South Florida’s online cycling community.

Since the launch of the Bill Bone Bike Law, the website has seen an enormous number of visitors seeking information, legal services, and a place to share in the cycling community. As a hub of cycling information, CTC Solutions continues to produce high quality content that motivates action for Bill Bone Bike Law.