Search engine optimization is a complex, ever-changing topic. Corporations who provide emergency services often have a difficult time figuring out how to target prospective clients. SERVPRO of North Palm Beach County and SERVPRO of Lake Worth/Boynton Beach provide fire and water damage restoration services. As such, SERVPRO was seeking a way to showcase their services in order to provide immediate help to someone turning to their computer or smart phone in an emergency situation.

CTC Solutions was called upon to analyze SERVPRO’s current strategy and then make recommendations for a future plan of attack. Upon a deep analysis of the company’s current marketing efforts, it was clear that SERVPRO would benefit greatly from a highly-optimized paid search advertising strategy. As such, CTC Solutions conducted thorough research and developed a list of targeted keywords in which the paid search campaigns would focus upon. Understanding the client base and the services in which SERVPRO provides was imperative during this process.

CTC Solutions is able to promote SERVPRO’s emergency damage restoration services by targeting the right prospects at the exact right time. With little room for error, CTC Solutions must keep a close watch of search trends and traffic each day to ensure that each and every click is a high-quality lead. Today, SERVPRO has continually seen a substantial increase in traffic to their site with the paid search advertising campaigns that CTC Solutions continues to optimize and monitor.