Marketing e-Book

eBook Sample

Communicating a company’s value via online tactics can often be difficult. With room for interpretation, many internet marketing agencies fear that technical jargon and a sharp learning curve will prevent an online searcher from understanding the agency’s value. In the search engine optimization world, being able to express what SEO initiatives can do for a company’s client base, reach, online presence, and revenue is complex. As such, New Epic Media was seeking a way to quickly and efficiently express their offerings and how these offerings could translate to sales for a small to medium sized business.

CTC Solutions composed an e-book to express how tapping into the services of a marketing agency can propel a business forward both online and off-line. As a platform to communicate the company’s services while educating the reader, CTC Solutions produced a high-quality, simple, and impactful e-book. The contents of the e-book focused on New Epic Media’s chief product lines and how each one is imperative to the online success of any business.

After publishing the e-book online, New Epic Media saw a vast increase in site traffic and, more importantly, they are now able to use this e-book as a sales tool. Composed to be a timeless piece of relevant, useful marketing information, CTC Solutions created an e-book with an extensive lifeline and a powerful impact that is able to generate leads and boost sales for the company.