Pipelinetorque Sample

Communicating to the B2B community is often a complex task. Determining which decision makers to target and in which manner to target them in was a challenge for Pipelinetorque. With the objective to fortify an email marketing strategy paired with a current, cutting-edge blog, Pipelinetorque connected with CTC Solutions to market their services to the B2B community via email marketing while delivering an innovative, compelling blog. Together, the goal was to bring in more leads to Pipelinetorque while representing the company as a thought-leader in the B2B space.

CTC Solutions began with thorough research into the B2B world, learning how these decision makers think, what motivates them to buy, and how to best target them from an SEO perspective. Combining the powers of email marketing with meaningful, high quality blog posts proved to be an excellent avenue for garnering leads for Pipelinetorque while simultaneously building a large following on its blog.

Not only have the email marketing campaigns served as a lead generator for Pipelinetorque, but the content of these emails has created a buzz in the B2B market. Pipelinetorque is now viewed as an innovator and forward-thinker in the B2B community. Building a following has translated into recurring sales. As the site traffic continues to increase on Pipelinetorque, CTC Solutions is able to synchronize the email marketing focus with the blog strategy in order to make a true impact online.