In-Depth Marketing Guide

In-Depth Marketing Guide Sample

One of the biggest hurdles to a company’s ability to express their knowledge online is composing posts that speak to their audience while achieving internal objectives. Inbound Authority had a goal of addressing one of the most glaring issues in the inbound marketing world today: starting an agency. As technologies continue to advance at rapid rates, the virtual world has shrunk and given opportunity for a much larger scope of people to start their own agency. With the restraints associated with traditional agencies removed, talented individuals with internet access, expertise in a digital arena, and a substantial network are now able to make serious waves in the internet marketing world. To reflect these changes, Inbound Authority was seeking a way to tell their own story in hopes that it would inspire others to take action.

Inbound Authority reached out to CTC Solutions to compose an in-depth, comprehensive guide to those looking to start their own inbound marketing company. Pulling from personal experience, anecdotes from Inbound Authority, and a scan of the online marketing industry as a whole, CTC Solutions was able to generate an all-inclusive guide. Taking a variety of angles, the guide speaks to reader’s emotions while providing useful, researched statistics that encourages those who are on the fence about starting their own agency to take the leap.

With meticulous research, personal anecdotal evidence, and a connection to the topic, CTC Solutions created “The Experts Guide to Starting an Inbound Marketing Company”. Today, this guide is able to serve as a timeless piece of literature that is beneficial to like-minded individuals in the internet marketing industry. Being able to connect with industry colleagues in a functional, constructive way sets the tone for Inbound Authority as a thought-leader in its industry. Drawing from similar experiences, CTC Solutions expressed Inbound Authority’s message with precision and significance.