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As a true thought-leader in the SEO community, Inbound Authority was tasked with building a website that represented not only their ability to provide unmatched search engine optimization services to small and  medium sized businesses, but also to showcase their expertise in the industry. The company’s owner, Josh Gill, is a search engine marketing specialist and as an authority in his field, it was important to express SEO knowledge, leadership, and proficiency throughout the website’s content. Inbound Authority sought CTC Solutions to outline and deploy a content marketing plan for the site.

Pairing strategic web content with deep-level, lengthy blogs, Inbound Authority has used its website to generate new business while offering meaningful information to like-minded site visitors. Expressing Inbound Authority’s vast inbound marketing capacities worked two-fold for CTC Solutions. First, the web content had to be written in a manner that would speak to prospects without scaring them away with technical jargon.

On the other hand, the web content had to deliver high value to leaders in the industry who look to Inbound Authority for new best practices, advice, and as company in which to mirror their own SEO services. As such, CTC Solutions was able to compose content that expresses Inbound Authority’s SEO offerings and value in a comprehendible manner. In addition, CTC Solutions regularly composes high-quality, extensive blog posts that tackle timely issues in the SEO world.

Building upon Inbound Authority’s blog, CTC Solutions is able to maintain their role as a thought-leader and forward-thinker in the search marketing industry. From advice about specific ways to improve a website from an SEO standpoint to posts about opening an inbound marketing agency, the blog has served as a catalyst to leads, followers, and sales. Together, Inbound Authority and CTC Solutions have produced quality content that adds true value to the marketing industry.