Salt Armour


Salt Armour was looking for a way to build their business by targeting prospects online. With an incredible product offering and a unique lifestyle brand, Salt Armour needed a way to showcase their brand on a national level. Fishing is an enormous industry and capitalizing on this audience meant targeting specific keywords and optimizing their website flawlessly. As such, Salt Armour looked to CTC Solutions to create an overall marketing strategy while executing SEO practices. From building a client base to showcasing their products to becoming a leader in the salt water apparel industry, Salt Armour identified the power of content marketing and SEO tactics in CTC Solutions.

Beginning with the page content, CTC Solutions created a blog to help build clientele while targeting specific keywords relevant to their intended audience. Using SEO strategy and pay-per-click tactics paired with content marketing and public relations, Salt Armour has seen a massive uptick in sales numbers and conversation rates. By showcasing Salt Armour’s products with their target prospect in mind, the website’s content and online ads are able to address specific Google searches and thus capture those leads.

As the competition in the salt water apparel industry continues to surge, it is imperative to turn interested targets into loyal brand advocates. CTC Solutions has been able to transform Salt Armour’s customer base and create a strong hub of consumers dedicated to the brand. Today, the company has seen enormous growth in their business trickling in through their website. With the help of CTC Solutions, Salt Armour has become one of the premier salt water apparel companies in the nation.